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PPL Program

PPL Program

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Push your limits with a comprehensive Push/Pull/Legs split designed to maximize training output and gains. Through a combination of tailored training volume, frequency, and rest, this PPL split is designed carefully for maximum hypertrophy!

The PPL Program comes at a great value, offering:

  • 3 Day on, 1 Day Off Training Program
    • Chest/Shoulders/Triceps, Back/Biceps, Legs, Rest
  • Training Guide
  • Fundamental Training, Diet, & Sleep Advice for Optimal Hypertrophy
  • Easy-to-use Training Logbook

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this better suited for cutting or bulking?

This program is perfectly suited for both scenarios! Training during a cut and bulk are very similar, so you should not run into any problems!

How does this program differ from other online programs?

Not only are you receiving a carefully constructed science-based training routine that takes out any thinking when you walk into the gym, but you’re also receiving insightful tips and advice on all facets of training that will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently!

How do I receive the program?

Once you purchase the program, an email will be sent directly to you with a PDF of the program that you can download to your device. The PDF will have everything the program offers, including a link to your personal training log?

How do I track my progress?

A training log is provided via google sheets that is accessed through the program. Make a copy of the spreadsheet to use as your personal progress journal.

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